Frequency control - 35MHz

We have a 35MHz frequency control pegboard at both sites, please use it in accordance with the club rules. Because of the proximity of another club to the Hanbury site, we have agreed to split the 35MHz channel use between us at this location. Also we have been informed that a local resident intends to fly from his property using channel 66, so that is also prohibited at Hanbury.

Again due to the proximity of another club, there are a range of 35MHz frequencies listed below that are unavailable to the North Piddle site.

35MHz users should display an orange pennant/ribbon on their Tx. Please either attach your frequency peg to your Tx or display it clearly in the pits by your flight box or toolbox.

Site Available channels Prohibited
Hanbury 61 - 79 55 - 60, 66, 80 - 90
Rushwick 55 - 90 -


Because we have no pegboard provision for 27MHz, users MUST check verbally with other 27MHz pilots for a free channel. While this band is permitted, it is not recommended because of its susceptibility to interference. Please don't use it for anything other than lightweight and foam models.


There is no pegboard provision for 2.4GHz.


This band is allocated by Ofcom purely for land and water based craft. It must not be used at any of our sites.

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